The Countdown

With the news of a 12 month delay on the record attempt - Mark gives an update on how the aircraft is coming together.

The Garden Wall

With the engine fitted, my attention now turns to getting the aircraft out of the workshop ready for spraying. I've decided not to hire a crane and lift the aircraft over my house - which means I have to demolish the garden wall.

Another big milestone

Neil Andrews from Superformance delivers the engine to the workshop. Although it is only held on by four bolts, it took us several hours to mount the engine on to the aircraft.

Brakes, Undercarriage and Avionics

In this latest Flight of the Navigator VLOG, I'm getting to work on the brakes and undercarriage. While a specialist makes a start on wiring in the avionics.

Engine Mount

In this latest Flight of the Navigator VLOG, I get to work fitting the engine mount to my Vans RV7. This really is a milestone for me - not only is the aircraft on track for its test flight in May but as I filmed this, I passed the 2,000 hours mark. Unbelievably I managed 700 hours last year alone!

249 days to launch

With the completion of the canopy, the workshop was in a bit of a mess. I start this latest vblog with a spring clean of the 'Skunk-works' -  then on to bending and installing the fuel and vent lines.

Survival Equipment

With the aircraft build going well, it was time to turn my attention to survival equipment. I will be flying over some harsh terrain and it is important to have the right equipment. This week I made the eight hour round trip to a company called Survitec, who specialise in such things as lifejackets, life rafts, immersion and survival suits.


In my last video you saw me cutting the canopy to size. Now just over a month later the canopy is ready to be bonded to the aircraft. This is a big job and one I don't want to go wrong, so I have enlisted the help of a few friends.

Early work

With just over a year to go before I set off on my Flight of the Navigator, record breaking round the world challenge - here I am working on the canopy.