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  • Aircraft Sponsors - provision of equipment to enable the capabilities of this complex and advanced aircraft
  • Event Sponsors - provision of financial support for the circumnavigation event
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Private individuals, organisations and companies who are sponsoring the event by making a charitable donation to the Project's chosen charity the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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The RAF Centenary Flight of the Navigator Team are delighted to announce the confirmation of technical and equipment support from Garmin. The company are the global leaders in navigation and communication technology, and the installation of their latest lightweight avionics into the RV-7 will produce an aircraft that is at the cutting-edge of long-range navigation capability. The 'design-freeze' for the selection of equipment is likely to occur in 2015, this will allow for utilisation of the very latest Garmin products as they are developed. Initial analysis by the FOTN Team and Garmin has provisionally selected a 'Glass Cockpit' comprising 2 large-screen Multi-Function/Primary Flight Displays, a certified Navigation/GPS/Communication/IFF unit, integrated auto-pilot and Satellite Communication. As the design develops, further information will be displayed on this website.

RGV Avionics has been based at Gloucester Airport since 1973 and are one of the UK's leading Avionics and Aircraft Maintenance facilities. RGV is supporting the Flight of the Navigator Project with avionics technical assistance and are acting as Garmin equipment import agents.

Hartzell are the world leaders in propeller technology and production. The challenges of the FOTN requirements are met fully with the fitting of the Hartzell Advanced Composite Structure II propeller. This 'scimitar' profile ensures optimum performance across the widest range of temperatures and air densities, whilst its variable pitch or 'constant speed' hub ensures the optimum pitch of the blade for all speed ranges. The carbon fibre construction also saves a significant amount of weight over aluminium propellers.

Vertical Power are the world leaders in Electronic Circuit Breaker Technology. Their VP-X Pro is an intelligent solid state control system that replaces conventional electrical power distribution and circuit protection systems. It is fully integrated with the Garmin G3X Multifunction Display and provides diagnostic fault information to the pilot. The replacement of conventional circuit breakers also adds reliability and saves weight.

The circumnavigation will encounter all environments of the planet including desert, jungle, mountain and vast tracks of ocean (both hot and cold). In the event of an engine failure, Mark will have to be equipped to survive in the most hostile conditions, therefore, advanced preparation will be crucial. The FOTN team is delighted to announce the support of the Survitec Group who are designing and producing low weight bespoke survival equipment for all regions and environmental conditions of the route. The equipment will be modular and will ensure that the components match the requirements of each sortie.

Biggin Hil has been selected as the departure and recovery airfield for this circumnavigation, for numerous reasons. Its part in the Battle of Britain is second to none in RAF history, whilst its long smooth runway makes an excellent place for the heavyweight departure of the RV-7 en-route to Cyprus. More importantly, the team at Biggin Hill have some exciting ideas for the event - for a clue as to what is in development, check out the FOTN Facebook page at

Inmarsat is supporting the Flight of the Navigator project through provision of satellite communication expertise. This is critical to the safety of the project particularly in the remote and inhospitable regions of the world. It will also facilitate the internet flight following during the test schedule and circumnavigation event.

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency will be monitoring the test schedule and circumnavigation from their headquarters in Fareham, Hampshire. Their international co-operation with all en-route nations will ensure a timely reaction in the event of an emergency.

The increased weight and high temperatures that the aircraft will be subject to will place extreme pressure on the wheels and braking system. The team is pleased to announce kind provision of high-performance wheels and brakes from Beringer Aero. This company produce world-leading systems that add around 40% additional braking power whilst reducing the typical Van’s RV installation weight by around 10lbs! In addition, the system includes Anti-Lock Braking – a rarity in light aircraft systems. All of these technical advantages will be critical to the performance and safety of our Van’s RV-7 when it is flies at the increased maximum weight during this record breaking event.

Emaris Limited is supporting the project with website development, internet and general IT support.

Squadron Prints is supporting the project through assistance with design of artwork, logos and RAF Centenary Flight of the Navigator merchandice. The company has a long track record of fund-raising for the RAF Benevolent Fund and it is a pleasure to have them on board.

Adtapt is supporting the project through the provision of business continuity planning. The company played a key role in the planning and execution of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

FNT Solutions Ltd is a Defence and Aviation consultancy business providing SME and Project Management capability since 2013. Their Director, a former-RAF fast-jet navigator, is conducting voluntary work for the RAF Benevolent Fund and will be assisting their PR team with FOTN TV broadcast issues.