Science & Technology 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is an important part of this World Speed Record attempt – and of course, anything to do with flying!

The Flight of the Navigator Team aims to leave a lasting legacy to the ‘Next Generation of Aviators, Engineers and Scientists’ through the fostering of an interest in the STEM subjects.  This will be achieved through:

-  Talks by members of the FOTN Team to schools and events.

-  Participation in the delivery of Air Cadet 'Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course' (see photos below)

-  Close liaison with the Air Cadet Organisation for a broader STEM programme.

-  An exploration of STEM subjects on this page of our Website.

-  Internet flight-following of the aircraft during the flight test schedule and circumnavigation.


Flight of the Navigator Planning Task

The FOTN STEM project was kicked-off at the Royal Aeronautical Society ‘Cool Aeronautics’ event at RAF Halton on Thu 17th November 2016 when Mark acted as key note speaker to 70 Year 4 local school children - since then he has completed a further 8 Royal Aeronautical Society STEM events. In addition to a brief on the project, viewing aircraft and simulators, the participants were set a number of tasks to help plan the first leg of the circumnavigation route.  The questions, answers and workings are as follows:

Help solve the following planning problem for the Flight of the Navigator.

Our (example) aircraft:

  • Flies at 200 miles per hour (it covers 200 miles every hour it is flying)
  • Uses 30 litres of fuel per hour
  • Carries 450 litres of fuel

stem quiz1

Question 1

How many hours could this aircraft fly before it runs out of fuel?

Question 2

How far could this aircraft fly before it runs out of fuel?

Question 3

How long will it take to fly from the UK to Cyprus?

Question 4

How much fuel will be used between the UK and Cyprus?

Question 5

How much fuel will be left when the aircraft lands in Cyprus?


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