Monday, 19 October 2015 00:00

High tech testing!

A high-tech aircraft deserves high tech-tech testing... The final task in the build of the wings is a pressure test of the fuel tanks. The connections are sealed, a balloon is placed over the vent pipe and the tank pressurised with a bicycle pump to approx 1 PSI. After a soapy water test of the visible joints and rivets, the balloon is measured and left for 48 hours... I'm pleased to say that 2 days on, it's the same size! With the task list now ticked off, the wings will be ...returned to RAF Halton and the fuselage moved into the workshop. Although there's still some way to go, the final part of the jigsaw will look good in the RV-7 Skunk-Works. Just a little bit of O-Level woodwork to build the trestles before I'm ready...

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