Saturday, 15 August 2015 00:00

Back to the project with help ...

Back into the workshop with help from Garmin, RGV Avionics and a fellow RV-7 builder, Abe. After an extended RIAT/summer hols break, the project is full steam ahead again. The first of the Garmin products have arrived through UK agent, RGV Avionics of Gloucester Airport. The 'Angle of Attack' (AoA) pitot probe and aileron auto pilot servos are works of art that are being installed into the wings before closing-off the lower skin. During the world speed record attempt these wi...ll enable high accuracy of aircraft trim and centre of gravity, which will maximise the SPEED! RGV Avionics have pledged technical support for the installation of this complex Garmin mission system, and my sincere thanks goes to the team. The final 2 photos are of the modification required to feed fuel from the 'tip-tanks' to the main wing tanks - I had been dreading this job, as the only access was through the 1.5 inch fuel filler hole! Thanks to local RV-7 builder, Abe, both tanks were completed in just 2 hours. Onwards and upwards!

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