Friday, 04 July 2014 00:00

RAF Halton Aero Club Expedition 2014

Sun 29 Jun - Fri 04 Jul - This week I led the 2014 RAF Halton Aero Club Expedition to Peenamunde, Germany. 8 aicraft, 16 Club members (with a mix of flying experience from PPL student upwards) landed at 12 airfields ranging from grass strips to international airports. From a FOTN perspective, this took 6 days, 18 flying hours and 505 litres of fuel to fly 'just' 1600 Nautical Miles in my Grumman AA1 (which with an upgraded 150BHP engine is no slouch) - a timely reminder of the scale of advanced technological requirements for this circumnavigation. In 6-days in 2018, I expect to be departing Australia to cross the Pacific!

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